"It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him."

(JRR Tolkien - The Hobbit)

Throughout time since mankind begun our imaginations have actively sought out what we could not see or understand. Demons have haunted our dreams and gods have soothed them. Our minds have conjured terrible creatures for our warriors to battle and places for the adventurous to explore. One of the greatest and widest spread of these creatures is the dragon. A true testimony to the power of imagination. This website is in dedication to the mightiest of our minds creations. The information found here is the result of many hours research and passion and I hope you find it useful.

Welcome to Dragons Touch

Website Updates

06 May 09
Just a couple of links added today. More interesting things to come though.

28 April 09
Graphically updated the user entries page and i have started a new section called the User Essays page. To kick the page off we have an essay by one of our forum users named Falconer. Oh and it was DT's 2nd birthday four days ago :)

23 April 09
Been a long time since i updated. We, the team, needed a break but now I am back. Elaine and Nick should be back by the end of the week and Diamond and Tali a week or so after that. Gleep and marvinthemartian are still on a break. As this is an update i really should update you all that there are 5 new images in the Real Dragons Section and a new link in the links section. There should be a new artist shortly and several bits of research to put up. And a new user section. Lots to come. Its good to be back :-)

11 Jan 09
Another artist has allowed us to host her works on our Artist Showroom. Sarah MacDonald is a sculpter and she does some amazing dragons. You can find her work in the Showroom. A big thanks to Sarah for allowing us to show off her beautiful dragons.

18 Dec 08
Nick has completed another A - Z Entry about a Balinese dragon named Barong. This one is a nice break away from the norm. I have also uploaded another Real dragon image from Belgium.

30 Nov 08
We have another pic up in the real dragons section. Thankyou to Stooby for sending that one in. I have also been doing some site maintenance, getting rid of dead links, updating images, etc so the site should work a bit better.

26 Nov 08
Two user entry updates today. The first is the announcement of a new section, The Real Dragons Section. Here i will post all pictures of dragons we find in every day life. But not just my pictures, yours as well. For more information, as well as to see what we have done so far, go to Community>Real Dragons.

We have also started the Christmas 08 user dragons announcement. You can read about that at the top of the left information panel on almost every page. We hope to see what christmas dragons your mind and pencil can conjur up.

25 Nov 08
Elaine has completed another A - Z entry, this time about Tristan and the dragon.
Another note: I realise the updates have been far and few, we are all very busy with our day to day lives but rest assured we are working on DT when we can. Thankyou to the fans of DT who have helped continue our motivation going throughout these busy times.

10 Nov 08
The last of the Autumn Dragons are now up (unless we get some late entries) A big thankyou to rachael for her first entry to DT and to DT's own Tali. Oh and mine is up as well.

07 Nov 08
The next two Autumn dragons are up. A Big thankyou to Boz who has submitted an entry to every themed dragon section we have done and a big thankyou to Ant who has submitted a great first entry.

06 Nov 08
The next two Autumn Dragons are now up. I would like to thank DT's own Jen for her contribution and Hannah for a very good first entry to the User Submitted Section.

05 Nov 08
The first Autumn Dragon has been put on the site. Thankyou to Neil for a great 1st start to the section.

28 Oct 08
Another graphical update today. I have changed the Title image. I would be interested to know what you think of it, either on the forum or the guestbook or by email. For those of you wanting more research there is more on the way, i am just having fun with Photoshop right now. For those of you wanting artwork .... i am working on it :)

25 Oct 08
Just an aethetic update today. Everything under the dragons heading has had a bit of a graphics update. I do have more research to put up which i will do soon. Thanks for reading.

29 Sept 08
We now have another addition to the team! I would like to welcome Nick to Dragons Touch as our new part time researcher. To introduce himself he has done his first A - Z entry, The Rainbow Serpent, which is extremely well researched and equally well written. Nick is a very welcome addition to DT and we look forward to seeing what else he can produce.

Announcment: 21 Sept 08
This is not an update today though rest assured i have quite a bit of content to put up on the site. After the break DT have decided to cut back on the scope of what we will do, and concentrate on a smaller area, at least for now. We have decided we will not be holding the festival or doing the trips. The main reasons for this can be found on the Announcment thread under the tavern on the forum. We are going to concentrate all of our time on the website making it something we are proud of and somewhere you want to visit. Perhaps when the community is bigger and we have more funds we will pick up the ideas we have currently postponed. But we shall see. More content soon!

20 Sept 08
I have been away for quite some time due to my personal life requiring some attention. I am now back with DT and so updates will be back to normal. You will have noticed (i hope) that i have changed the background and cleaned up the header at the top. I will be doing more work on a similar vain over the next few weeks. There will also be an announcement tomorrow.

14 July 08
Another A - Z done by the very busy Elaine is now up. You can find entry Suileach in our A - Z section. I have also done more Spell checking with the help of Jen.

04 July 08
Its quite a big update today. Jen has been spell checking the site for me, something that its needed since someone let me type essays. She has given me the pages that need doing so far (all of them) and I have made a start. The Timeline should be spelled correctly now. I have also added an entry to the timeline. Elaine has finished her A - Z entry Paiste is up. Also I have finished the extensive Chinese Dragon Types essay which is in the Dragon Types section. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

26 June 08
The busy Elaine has finished another A - Z entry. This time about the Irish dragon Muirdris. The aforementioned content is also finished but i have not had the time to put that on the site yet. I am hoping to have that done this coming weekend so watch this space.

15 June 08
The links page has been updated with a bigger choice of banners to use in linking to us. Im not very good with graphics but its a start. More importantly the artist Sarah jane Gilman has filled in the artists interview. Go to her page to see what she says. There is still lots of content for me to put up and i expect most of it to go up before the end of next week.

29 May 08
Another update today. I have uploaded Elaine's essay about the Irish dragon Ollipheist to the Dragons A - Z section. Its her first piece since joining the team and I have to say im very impressed with it. So a big thanks to Elaine.

28 May 08
Lots has been going on since last i updated so expect quite a bit of content added within the next week. Tali, Elaine, Rob and myself have each been researching various A - Zs and a new Dragons Types section as well as something we are keeping to ourselves at the moment ;) Today we have put up a new idea. The Artists Interviews. We thought you might like to know a little bit about the artists who have posted their art for you to enjoy and so if you go to their pages in the Artists Showroom you will see a new button aptly named Artists Interviews. The button itself was drawn by our very talented Dan Colins. Thanks to Candace Bell, Lindsey Goodbun and Melissa Benson for answering our questions and to our own Jen for writing the questionnaire. And of course thanks to you for reading.

09 May 08
Another relatively boring update im afraid. But the site needs these kinds of updates as much as the research. The mailing list really is now working and we will be sending out the 3rd newsletter shortly. The Artist showroom now has their comment boxes protected by recaptcha like with the guestbook.

03 May 08
Not a very exciting update today. I have added some navigation links to the Artists Showroom to make it easier to get from picture to picture. Also a sad bit of news, due to uncontrollable circumstances at his work Rob (Gleep) will no longer be able to help DT as much as before. He is therefore leaving the core team and becoming a part time member. Also we are having to postpone the Diary trip trip due to more unfortunate circumstances. We are now expecting to go in September.

24th Apr 08
Most of the work we have been doing is research towards the Ireland trip so im afraid there isnt much to show right now. Having said that i have, after spending three evenings on it, managed to work out how to utilise image verification and therefore protecting to some extent our guestbook. I will be applying this to the artist comment forms too. Far more exciting is the fact that DT how been awarded the site of the month award by the site Silver Dragons Breath so i would like to give them a big thankyou from DT.

12th Apr 08
Well its quite a big update today. Firstly, you may have noticed the Dragons Physiology section has been down. The reason for this is i wanted to replace it with my evolution theory. There is still much work to be done with the theory but what i have done is now up and can be found under the Dragons heading. The User Entries button is now under the Community heading. And i have almost (but not quite) fixed the Mailing list form which appears not to have been working. Also, for those of you with firewalls which ban the word "banner" i have fixed that so you should now be able to see all of the images.

25th Mar 08
Another picture is now in the Easter Dragons section, done by Lindsey. Thankyou for your contribution Lindsey. I have also added some text to the artist showroom. It should now be more obvious what the comment boxes are for.

24th Mar 08
The next piece of site art done by Dan Colins is now up and it is looking really good. You can find them by going to the Dragons A - Z in the Dragons heading and clicking on any of the menu options other than the index. I would like to thanks Dan for the time and expertise he has put in to help make this site look that much better. On another note, another three Easter dragons are up. This time the great drawings are by our own Jenny as well as by John from TSL and Erin. So thankyou to you three for your contributions.

22nd Mar 08
The first batch of Easter dragons are now up and they are all looking great! You can find them in the "User Submitted Entries" section under the "Dragons" heading.. I would like to thank Jason, Isabelle, Paul, Sabine, Rob, Doug and Amy for their contributions. I hope you all have a very happy Easter.

21st Mar 08
You may have noticed the new footer logo. It was done by a friend of mine, Dan Collins, who as you can see is an exceptional artist. He has updates the image footer. There is another image from Dan on its way and i can tell you it looks just as good as the footer.

19th Mar 08
Rob's essay about the Wantley Dragon is now up in the Dragons A - Z. Certainly worth a look if only because of its similarities to the other English legends such as the Lambton Wyrm.

16th Mar 08
I have finally finished the new forum and they are now up and running. You will need to re-register and im afraid the posts from the last forum will not be present (though i will link to them) but i think it looks much better and will function much smoother. Hope to see you on the forum.

12th Mar 08
Well after much work, sweat, blood and tears (ok, not so much of the blood) i have finally taught myself enough html to finish a website. And here it is. There are still a couple of bits missing, the forum being the most prominent one. I cant make the forum until the site is live so bear with me on that. Also the physiology section is missing. I am shortly going to be replacing that with my evolution theory. Once the forum is up, let me know what you think of the new site.

06th Mar 08
I am sorry for the lack of updates. Its because i have been working on the new redo of the website which is now virtually finished. I will be transferring over to a different host and therefore the site may well experience some down time shortly. When we come back up, however you will see a different Dragons Touch. There will also be a couple of updates shortly after that. So bear with us and keep checking in on us.

10th Feb 08
I have added two more pics from the lovely Amy Fishenden viewable in her area of the Artists Showroom and we have a new artist, Kevin Baines who has decided to let us host his unique style of art to the showroom. Many thanks to both of these artists.

29th Jan 08
A new artist is now in the Artists Showroom. I would very much like to thank Amy Fishenden from TSL for submitting her beautiful works to us.

19th Jan 08
A new year begins and our first new essay is up for the Dragons A - Z section. This one is about Bel and the Dragon done by Tali. I realise updates have been thin on the ground recently. This is because i have been working all my spare hours on the rehash of the site (its looking very good and will be finished soon) and my Dragon evolution theory (which wont be finished quite as soon) Be assured that DT is still researching and many great things will be happening this year.

29th Dec 07
Sorry about the delay. My Christmas Dragon Picture is finally up. Im afraid the rest of you have rather put me to shame but then, thats why i am running a website instead of drawing :)

20th Dec 07
Boz's contribution to the Christmas Dragons section is now up.

18th Dec 07
The next image from the Christmas Dragons section is now up. Drawn by Elaine this time.

14 Dec 07
The next image is now up for the Christmas Dragon section, drawn by our own member of the team, Tali.
Also, we now have Ciruelo's beautiful artwork in the artists showroom. I would highly reccomend you check out the art whether you have heard of him or not.

13 Dec 07
The next image is up, this time by our own member of the team Rob.

12 Dec 07
The next image for the Christmas Dragons is now up, drawn by Sue

11 Dec 07
The next image is up for the Christmas Dragons. This time by Tysha.

10 Dec 07
The next image for the Christmas Dragons section is up and was drawn by marvinthemartian from the TSL website.

07 Dec 07
The next image for the Christmas Dragons section is up and was drawn by Jenn.
No updates over the weekend as i am away for my work Christmas party

06 Dec 07
The next image for the Christmas Dragons section is up and was drawn by Jason.

05 Dec 07
The reader submitted section is now up and running and to start it off you can see the Christmas Dragons that people have sent me. If you fancy submitting a picture then you can see how in this section.

Additionally we have a new Artist in the Artists showroom. I would like to thank Candace Bell for letting me showcase her artwork.

29 Nov 07
I have completed my next Dragons A - Z section. The dragon is named Buccoleon and is not one i would normally do due to the lack of resources i have but i liked the legend so much i decided to put him up. Also i have been working hard on the new falshier look of the website and i can happily say that i am scheduling that to be up and running by the middle of Jan.

20 Nov 07
Not so much an update today as a thankyou to a few people. I ordered a dragon made by Rob Simpson and painted by Tina Sherratt from the TSL website and asked for it to be painted in the DT Colors. You can see from the picture below what a good job they did. So a big thankyou to John (from TSL), Tina and Rob for a fantastic and accurate job.
TSL's Scribe

13th Nov 07
There wont be any updates for the following week due to me and the rest of the DT team, looking for help with Dreamweaver and HTML. If any of you live in south uk and are willing to give a hand please let me know using the contact form.  

08 Nov 07
I have added a mailing list. from here i will let you know of all the bigger additions to the site as well as occasionally ask your opinion on various plans i have for DT. I wont send out too many news letters so as not to invade your inbox but if youwant to become a part of DT and the increasingly large things it will become then sign up to the mailing list. I have also added Magicalomaha in the links section.

07 Nov 07
The Knucker of Lyminster is finally completed and can be found in the Dragons A - Z section. Another exciting bit of news; an artist named Dan Collins has agreed to do a dragon for us and i have already seen some of the rough sketches. Looks like it should be very good.

31 Oct 07
Tali has completed the Jormungand research and it is now up on the A - Z section.

16th Oct 07
Tali has completed her research on Nidhogg which can now be seen in the dragons A - Z section. I would like to say a special thankyou to Tali because she has been working far beyond the call of duty on both research and many behind the scenes things some of which will be announced shortly. I have also completed the Typhon research and that is now up in the Dragons A - Z section.

12th Oct 07
Im sorry about the lack of updates recently. My computer blew up and because the company i used screwed up my order for a new PC its taken until now before i could update the site. Anyway, i have my new PC and would like to announce the 1st Dragons Touch competition. Above is a link witch will take you to the competition infomation. There will also be several Dragons A-Z updates over the course of the next few weeks.

25th Sept 07
New Artist, Lindsey Goodbun, has been kind enough to let us show the world her art. You can see her beautifull works in the Artists Showroom.

19th Sept 07
The Hydra has been added to the Dragons A - Z Section. I think of all the A - Z dragons i enjoyed researching this one the most.

12 Sept 07
Im back from holiday and my break from the website. I aquired more literature from Greece which is handy as my current research project is the Hydra. Expect several updates over the next few weeks. First is another artists works in the Artists Showroom. Thankyou for letting us use your pictures Sarah Jane Gilman. I highly reccomend you check her art out. Lastly i am currently working on a new and better forum. Im not sure on the release date for that yet though.

26 Aug 07
Im sorry there have been no updates for a while. I have been taking a couple of weeks away from the site to dedicate my time to a few other things. I am just going on holiday for a week and then you can expect all things to be back to normal.

30 July 07
Several new updates on the Dragons A - Z section including Fafnir and Quetzalcoatl. I am also working on an artists page. More info on that soon.

13 July 07
Its been a while since i have written here but updates have continued to occur through out the site. The A - Z has had the most work done on it. The navigation should now be much easier and there are several new entries. We have a few more links though no new forum users so as i expect i will have to dedicate more time to advertising.

26 June 07
There are a few more entree's in the dragons A - Z section. We are linked with several more sites but unfortunatly our google page ranking hasnt improved yet so more work needs to be done on that. I am also working on some behind the scenes things to make the site easier to navigate so bear with me on that.

16 June 07
The Dragons A - Z section is coming along nicely with a few more entrys added but more importantly the artwork by Melissa Benson is complete and has improved the Dragons Touch logo ten fold. My girlfriend (DiamondTear on the forums) and i have been working hard at advertising the site so hopefully soon we will have more visitors and forum users. All in all, a fairly succesful few day.

10 June 07
Im afraid i have had a busy week and so havent done much to the site. However, the oriental section is complete and i have started work on, what will be the largest section, the dragons A - Z. We have had a couple of extra members on the forum and i want to say thankyou to them for supporting DragonsTouch.

29th May 07
Oriental Section is near finished and I have added a guestbook for those of you who would like to leave a message

25th May 07
Most of the work this week has been on collating my research on oriental dragons. I am almost there and have already started adding bits to the Oriental dragon section. The artist i mentioned showed me a sketch of part of the logo and i can confidently say its going to look very good. The links page is up though with little content at the moment. Finally, no new members to the forum but it is early days.

16th May 07
I am back at work now so things may start moving a little slower. However on the plus side the Physiology section (my personal favorate) is well on its way to completion. Another plus side is that i have found an artist and we are currently finalising plans for the logo. She is very good and before too long i think the added bit of color will certainly improve the look and feel of the site. More infomation on that soon

11th May 07
I have spent most of the last week collating research ready for the Occidental dragons section. Finally i have started this section under the Dragon types heading. We are also getting more members on the forum which is nice to see. I am still struggling to find an artist to do my logo so bear with me on that.

2nd May 07
Its been a busy week and lots has been done. The dragon section has been started with a timeline well on its way to completion, the forum is now up and running with members already trickling in and there is now a contact form if you need to contact me privately. Lots done and far more left to do.

24th April 07
Well i have decided ,due to being temporarily incapacitated by an operation, to go ahead and start putting my passion to paper. Or in this case a website. I am hoping to build a huge collaboration of like minded people using this site so as to supply infomation based on mythology to those who dont have the time to look hard for it. Whether i am dreaming and this time next year i will still be the only one to have read this or not remains to be seen. But i feel i have to try. On the left will be links to various catagories so feel free to browse anything there currently is. Yes there will be a forum shortly but i am trying to find ways around various restrictions with links etc.

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